Damn good wine from a damn fine place.

We love wine. A very particular kind of wine—one that speaks to its roots while lending itself smashingly to food—fruit bombs be damned. To create it, we source high-quality fruit from low-yield vineyards in cool Sonoma regions, farmed by like-minded individuals who value meticulous farming and long walks amongst their vines. We let Mother Nature do a lion’s share of our winemaking, so the character of the fruit remains intact in the glass. We highly recommend serving our wines alongside good food and good friends, and if you can part with its company, laying our wines down for a time will reward you in spades.


Webster Marquez has spent the better part of two decades on the northern coast of Northern California, making well-balanced, food-friendly wine, most notably Pinot Noir. As one of the co-founders of Anthill Farms, a tiny Sonoma winery that’s well known as one of the best Pinot producers in California, Web sources his Pinot grapes from small, mostly cool climate, meticulously-farmed vineyards. He spends decidedly more time in the vineyard than the winery, making decisions alongside the farmers to help guide the fruit to its greatest potential, then picks it at its optimum for the elegant style of wine he likes to make. (more)

Pardon our green thumbs.

We’re not just winemakers, we’re growers, too. Our Russian River vineyard, Balinard, is planted to three cool Pinot Noir clones and farmed 100% organically. Spending a good deal of time among our vines is just as important to us as spending time in our winery (though indubitably not as entertaining, as you’re not there.)


Russian River Valley & Green Valley

Pinot Noir

UCD Dijon 115 and Calera and suitcase


Sebastopol Loam


3 blocks (one of each clone approximately 1 acre each)

Vine Density:
1,380 vines per acre (4 ½ x 7 ft.) on 2.0 acres
1,556 vines per acre (4 x 7 ft.) on 1.0 acres

Vertical Shoot Positioning (cane pruned)