Belly up to a different sort of wine bar.

Our tasting room harkens back to a time when the likes of Jack London mingled with legislators and laborers alike, shoulder to shoulder at the “local”. Here, you can grab a drink, meet a friend, enjoy some consumables, and feel like today was a proper day to be alive and well in San Francisco. Just beyond the tasting room, expansive windows looking into our working winery allowing you to enjoy a flight of our wine while watching us craft it. Along with serving wine by the glass, by the flight, and by the bottle, we offer edible tidbits and proudly hawk a curated selection of gifts, tees, and other items of proper fabulousness.

Our regular business hours are Tuesday through Sunday noon to 7pm, and ask that groups of 6 or more make prior reservations. Because we're also a destination for such age old transactions as business meetings, lunch affairs, marital unions and not to mention some cloak-and-dagger activities, we sometimes have to close early to the public. For those times see below.


December 3rd Tasting Room Closed ALL DAY

December 5th Tasting Room Closed ALL DAY

December 6th Tasting Room Closes at 6pm

December 9th Tasting Room Closes at 4:30pm

December 11th Tasting Room Closes at 6:30pm

December 12th Tasting Room Closes at 5pm

December 13th Tasting Room Closes at 5pm

December 18th Tasting Room Closes at 5:30pm

December 19th Tasting Room Closes at 3:30pm

December 22nd-23rd Our Tasting Room will only be open for purchase PICKUP.  Please email 

December 24th & 25th Tasting Room CLOSED

December 26th Our Tasting Room will only be open for purchase PICKUP.  Please email


December 27th- January 3rd Tasting Room CLOSED